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Organic Farming, Genetics and Future of Food

Farmlands in Sri Samskara offer a gratifying value addition for those willing to make a positive impact on the self and nature.

We bring you Sri Samskara Eco Infra as a part of our Green initiative. Sri Samskara Eco Infra is offering farmhouses and farmlands for sale at Depalli, near Shadnagar. Reach us and explore the real beauty of Organic Farming.

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Sri Samskara Eco Infra

Corporate Agriculture Is A Reality Of Future

Organic farming in a large area cannot be achieved by a single, it can be achieved through the corporate body, by pooling investment and following the latest methods of organic farming along with profit-making agri-marketing. In line with that thinking, Sri Samskara Eco Infra mission is to cultivate 250 acres of organic- farming in Telangana. The first step started with 20 acres at Depalli, near Shadnagar. Recreation while having community living is also visualized to give meaningful life to the family members of the corporate body environment of a non-polluted atmosphere. Eco-friendly farming promises a greener future for many generations to come.

Today, when the need for sustainable organic farming properties is on the rise, we offer eco-friendly organic farmland.


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Large acres of land for organic agricultural developments have become extremely difficult for individuals to perform their farming & harvesting in a significantly profitable manner is an extremely high challenge of the modern world. With increased development and the skyrocketing land prices, we have pushed away from our basic roots of development in organic farming.

Organic Farmland

Farms and farmhouses were only affordable by the affluent and we intend to make the dream of owning such a farm and those moments of joy with family at a farm house a reality for a common man at an affordable price.To create and sustain nature at its best for our next generations we conduct education programmes on organic farming for children.

Advantages Of Sri Samskara Eco Infra

Our objective is to promote a greener planet through organic farming. We want to involve people mainly to inspire a sense of purpose and responsibility in them. Our goal is to highlight the serious threat to the environment and make people preserve nature by avoiding a further collapse of the ecology.

Agriculture" Is the most Healthful,
useful & Most Noble Employment of Individual"

Why choosing Sri Samskara Eco infra

Sri Samskara Eco infra

Organic farming is an alternative agricultural system. With wrong farming methods, we turn our fertile land into desert. Unless we go back to organic farming and save the soil, there is no future.

Far from being a “luxury for the rich,” organic farming may turn out to be a necessity not just for the poor, but for everyone. ...

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